Bath & Body Care

The Cusp NP bath line was introduced in 1996. Made from 100% Eastern European hemp yarn. We choose hemp for its many quality characteristics. Hemp can be grown without pesticides, renewable every 120 days, drought resistant, good crop rotator, and processed with water not chemicals. Additionally, raw hemp fiber from Eastern Europe is left longer when wet spun, and this results in the high tensile strength of the yarn we use.

Once deciding on Hemp, we soon discovered other properties that have made our bath line sought after by many. Since the dawn of exploration, hemp was used for rope and sails on ships because it was mold mildew and rot resistant. After each shower or bath, simply rinse and hand dry. You will find that whatever bath line item you have will remain smelling fresh. The knit design is also attractive and functional.

Cusp NP all natural Bath Line is hand crafted from 100% hemp. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable. Our bath line first came into conception in 1996. All of our products are made from eastern European hemp yarn. We choose yarn from here because we liked the irregularity in the yarn. The irregularities are caused because the raw fiber is left longer. This adds tremendously to the strength and durability of the bath collection.

Our natural washcloth has been the cornerstone of Cusp NP for 20 years. It’s simple elegant design and its durability have made it a must-have for many. It will soften with use but retain its natural exfoliating ability always.

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