Coffee & Tea

We having been using and making these beauties since 2000. We use strong durable Eastern European Hemp in our filters and cloth tea bags. Our all natural coffee filters work well with all coffee makers. We use hemp fabric in our reusable filters because hemp is environmentally conscious, processed with water not chemicals, extremely durable, and reusable every day for 3-5 years. Hopefully You will find like we did that the cloth filters allow some but not all of the oils from coffee to pass through while brewing. This leads to a more robust flavor in your coffee. If you use Paper filters much of the oil gets trapped in the paper, and metal filters do not block any of the oils sometimes giving an oily taste to your coffee. Up front paper, metal and cotton filters seem cost effective compared to our filters. You will get one of our filters delivered and have it for 3-5 years. Metal and cotton filters will breakdown and will need to be replaced about every year depending on how often they are used, how they are handled and run the through the dishwasher. Our filter have bias along the top to protect cut edge of the filter, and are surged on the inside to give maximum strength to the filter. The reason the hemp fabric holds up better is because it is naturally mold, mildew, and rot resistant. The fabric we use is from Eastern Europe and they leave the hemp fibers longer when spinning the yarn. This makes the fabric texture rough and uneven at times, but longer fibers makers for strong fabric. The fabric tightens and gets s
Thousands have been sold in 15 years, and we have found that they last on average 4-7 years. The durability is all because we use the long fiber hemp from Eastern Europe. Your average cotton cloth filter will only last you a year it’s made cheap and not designed to last. All of our filters are constructed for success, surged on the seams, and bias covering the edges. Yes they are slightly more expensive. But will last long enough for it to pay for itself after one year. We offer a 3 yr guarantee on all filters sold one line. If the filter fails send it back to us and we will replace it as long as abuse is not present.