Hemp Gardening Twine Waxed 170 lb. Test


Our thickest polished twine, this ultra-strong and durable polished hemp twine is perfect for types of craft project, including hemp jewelry, and is especially useful in all garden and nursery uses — where a strong, natural and bio-degradable baling twine is required. Sometimes referred to as hemp spring twine because it has traditionally been used to tie springs in mattresses and upholstered furniture, you can also create distinctive macrame projects with this smooth and uniform twine yarn.

Each ball of twine is individually shrink-wrapped to keep from unraveling during use. Just pull the twine from the center of the ball to keep the ball neat and compact throughout its use.

Natural/Polished Hemp Twine – 170 Lb. Test
450g Ball – ~220′ Per ball
Made in Romania


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